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Our IoT Platform enables businesses to digitally transform their operations by connecting their physical world with a digital one. By harnessing real-time operational insights, businesses can now boost efficiency, make more informed decisions, and reduce their operating costs.

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Our Solutions

We develop innovative, flexible, and secure IoT solutions that are ultimately driven by device-generated data. Some of the industries we are bringing immediate value to include:

Food & Beverage




Covid 19




Our Products

In IoT, device and application form unique building blocks and when combined complete the IoT puzzle. IoT hardware is therefore a critical component of a full IoT solution. 

Trusted by our Partners and Customers Across Varying industries, Globally.


What our clients and partners say about us.

Denis Brunk, CEO NextGen ICE

“Fastcomm has provided our company with the ability to connect to our equipment all over the country from the comfort of our own office. Working with Fastcomm and their innovative technology has allowed our company to reach new heights!”

Aaron Knight, Owner Ice Cubes

“Since I started Ice Cubes 6 years ago. I have been looking for a technology that would change the game for ice machine service. Fastcomm just put the world on notice.”
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