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IoT is ultimately more than just a set of connected devices. Within the concept of IoT, these devices are connected into a single network with analytical and managerial systems to enable data-driven decision-making and automated device management.

Device and application form unique building blocks and when combined complete the IoT puzzle.

The Hellothing IOT platform utilizes the digital twin concept to create digital representations of real world objects. This gives immense power in terms of monitoring and managing large scale deployments of valuable assets. The feature rich, secure platform gives its users the power they need, in an easy to use manner, to effectively manage large scale, geographically dispersed assets. The platform aims to improve overall system reliability and to reduce cost via operational efficiencies.

The Hellothing IOT gateway creates a “portal” for transmitting locally aggregated data points, at the edge (restaurant, store, farm, factory, etc.), to the cloud platform. The NB-IoT enabled gateway utilises the latest in what mobile network technology has to offer.

The purpose of the NB-IoT developer program is to provide the developer community with a Narrow Band IoT end-to-end communication development environment. The program allows developers and partners the ability to rapidly prototype use cases before going to a production environment. The program consists of four focus areas, namely:
  1. Hardware
  2. Firmware
  3. Network
  4. Cloud
The program is intended to simplify the end-to-end communication development of Narrow Band IoT products. By using hardware that leverages the easy to use open source Arduino software, and by providing a cloud platform where data can be sent to, the initial cost and time to set up a private server is eliminated.
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More companies are realising that better monitoring of their operating environments can have a significant and positive impact on their bottom line. By having a clear indication of what is happening in their facilities, they can make more informed decisions and avoid unnecessary down time. Hellothing’s environmental monitoring system provides a proactive solution for early warning and continuous monitoring of environmental conditions. The Hellothing Environmental Monitoring system consists of 3 sub-systems, namely:
  • Air quality;
  • Temperature control;
  • Humidity sensors; and
  • Gas monitoring (VOC)
Lumens/Lux, Foot candle

Hellothing’s light sensor is a photoelectric device that converts light energy (photons) detected to electrical energy (electrons). Hellothing makes use of Lumen and Lux.
With Lumen, we can measures the total amount of visible light from a light source through the relationship between luminous intensity and the angle that a light beam fills. Lumen is commonly used to rate the brightness of a lightbulb
With Lux, we can measure illuminance, the area where the luminous flux is spread
It’s similar to Lumen but it takes into account the surface area.
Foot-candles and lux measure the same thing—the amount of visible light that falls on a surface. The difference is that the foot-candle uses the Imperial standard measuring system (feet, pounds, etc.), while the lux uses the metric system

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Hellothing platform - It is about the platform

For many businesses, data is a golden nugget as understanding it gives them invaluable insight that can then be turned into actionable information that ultimately adds business value.

Our platform is a multi-layer platform that enables user-friendly monitoring, management, and automation of connected devices within the Internet of Things world.

The platform:
  1. Allows for the setup and configuration of dashboard views, showing key metrics important to the business, across the business.
  2. Allows for configurable alert notifications, alerting you to any event that is important to you
  3. Serves as an aggregator and pass-through of data to existing higher-layer systems.

Development kits & programs

The NB-IoT developer program is to provide the developer community with a Narrow Band IoT end-to-end communication development environment. The program allows developers and partners the ability to rapidly prototype use cases before going to a production environment. The program consists of four focus areas, namely:

The NB-IoT hardware shield solution is compatible with various Arduino boards such as the Uno, Yún, Mega 2560 and Due.

The shield seamlessly plugs onto the Arduino board. On the Arduino Uno the communication to the shield is done with a software serial port, whereas the Arduino Mega 2560 and Due will have the default as a software serial port with the option of wiring it to a hardware serial port.

The shield has screw terminals that provide access to the Ground, 5V and 3.3V of the Arduino board.

The shield is equipped with a temperature sensor and a push button to provide basic functionality for development and testing.

An analogue reading is available to measure the current supplied to the module. This can be used to plot the power usage of the NB-IoT module and provides the ability to compare the normal operation, LTE PSM (Power Saving Mode) and LTE eDRX (Extended Discontinuous Reception) of the NB-IoT module.

The NB-IoT module has 2G fall-back available.

The primary communication module of the shield is be NB-IoT, but the module will be interchangeable which provides access to a 2G, 3G, LTE Cat M1/NB1, EGPRS and a Wi-Fi module.

  • The solution provides an Arduino library that implements all the needed AT commands for Narrow Band communication and functionality.
  • Example code is included with the library to explain its use.
  • A basic data protocol is implemented to send standard data messages to the cloud platform.
  • A custom data protocol may be implemented if more data is sent or if the data is passed through to an additional platform.
The cloud platform communicates with the development kit. The cloud platform prompts users to sign up and link their NB-IoT kit devices and allow the user to setup/provision their SIM cards. The platform provides a portal where the user can log in and view all their devices, monitor their operational information and messages sent. An API is available that provides call-back functionality. The platform can be configured to send email or SMS notifications to the user.

NB-IoT dev kit

  1. Hellothing NB-IoT Arduino expansion shield
  2. HelloThing L10 NB-IoT modem
  3. NB-IoT SIM
  4. Antenna
  • 12-month access to the hellothing IoT platform.
  • 12-month access to the VC NB-IoT network. T&Cs apply.
  • Technical assistance via the V-Accelerator labs and programs.
  • HelloThing L10 NB-IoT modem library for Arduino.
  • Source code for example Arduino projects